2. In transit.


  3. Saturday night. Warsaw. 2013.


  4. Stefan. Poland 2013.


  5. Polska.


  6. Auschwitz Block 11


  7. Warsaw 2013


  8. Sultanate of Oman. 2013


  9. Auschwitz August 2013


  10. Prince Edward Island.



  12. Sheena Finlay has cared for her husband living with  stage four Colorectal cancer since 2007. 

    Produced for Colorectal Cancer Canada and Bayer Pharmaceuticals in March 2013.



  13. Private as Public

    Photography group show opening.

    May to June 2013.

    292A Harbord St. 



  14. Poland 2012


  15. Whats for dinner, whats for lunch?

    Mikaela Clark has Prader-Willi syndrome; a constant hunger.

    She is 17 and obese. Her parents in Orillia, Ontario have exhausted their medical resources to find Mikaela help.

    Their hope is to have her go to the Pittsburg Prader-Willi center where she may learn how to live into her adult years with the syndrome.